“A professional brand image includes a digital presence that ensures its reach on the Web.”

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Wherever we go in the digital world, we always leave a trace, so it might as well reflect who we are. After all, our credibility and online reputation are at stake.

Gros Mots

“A professional brand image includes a digital presence that ensures its reach on the Web.”

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Wherever we go in the digital world, we always leave a trace, so it might as well reflect who we are. After all, our credibility and online reputation are at stake.

My services

Passionate and enthusiastic, I offer my expertise in digital communication to businesses and organizations of all sizes.

My job is to help them recognize their strengths and what they can improve. I then make recommendations to help them take things to the next level. I work primarily on Web content and social media. In fact, content is my main focus.

Here are a few examples of what I do:

  • Analysis of promotional campaigns on social media and recommendations (audit)
  • Content strategy
  • Strategic content design
  • Training (copywriting for the Web, social media, Web personas, Prezi)
  • Social media coaching
  • Web project management
  • Copywriting for the Web
Social Media Squad
Whatchful Parent

I also give conferences about the Web and social media:

  • “Watchful Parents” is a conference for parents of teenagers or pre-teens. It includes a discussion period that aims to demystify the main concepts and issues surrounding young people’s online life and digital identity..
  • “Watchful Teachers” is a version of the conference aimed at elementary and high school teachers.

My approach

Muriel Ide

I am known for

  • My availability and prompt roll-out
  • My flexibility and effectiveness
  • My creativity
  • My versatility (operational and strategic)

Your benefits

  • A single, multi-skilled intermediary who takes care of centralizing your requirements
  • A mobile resource: I work on site or remotely

What my clients say

I excel in presenting results to clients, whether they are presidents
or simple communication advisors, as I quickly adapt to the “context.”

Silvie Letendre

President and CEO, Capital-Image

I enjoy working within diverse teams, and I am versatile

The réZin Team


I rely on a collaborative mindset to communicate in a creative, reliable, and professional manner. I take charge of the entire project with the same spirit to streamline management and facilitate delivery. I am attentive to needs and view the situation as a whole. I treat all stakeholders in a humane, objective, and conscientious manner, whether they are clients, suppliers, or collaborators.

Valérie Piuze


My audits help clients identify their strengths, areas for improvement,
and provide recommendations to enable them to move to the next level.

Caroline Roy – Partner, Vice President & Pierre Gince – President

Mesure Média

Muriel saved my life more than once when, in one of my previous roles, I was tasked with overseeing a Communication and Marketing department without the necessary team in place or the required knowledge (given my background as a lawyer). Not only did she help me with a smile despite tight deadlines, but she also coached me to better understand our business needs in terms of social media, enabling me to plan things more effectively.

Karine Emond


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Muriel in her capacity as a Social Media Manager at Pharmascience and then also hired her as a consultant. Muriel is a great asset to have on your team. She’s efficient, organized, creative and delivers on her projects. I highly recommend her to anyone thinking of building social media capacities!

Steeve Azoulay

Senior Director, Public Affairs and ESG at Walmart Canada

Great web writing work. The quality of the text greatly improved the presentation of my website.

Laurent Caille

Montreal Osteopath

We often say that enthusiasm is crucial to excel in one’s work. Muriel is undoubtedly a passionate individual. In addition to being rigorous, specific, and attentive, her expertise and interpersonal skills greatly contribute to the advancement of our company. It is a real pleasure to collaborate with her.

Judith Lussier

Chief Operating Officer and Founder – tomaté!

I had the opportunity to collaborate on various projects with Muriel. What I appreciated about Muriel is her high level of professionalism and broad range of skills to build and implement a content plan: thoughtful strategy, mastery of all communication channels (newsletter, social media, Wikipedia, media strategy and investment, website, partnerships, etc.). Furthermore, she also provides in-depth analyses and recommendations.

Isabelle Pasquet

Executive Consultant and corporate director

Muriel has been managing the art collection at Pharmascience for about a decade. She has excellent knowledge and love of contemporary art and she cares for the works in the collection with great respect. Muriel interfaces successfully with framers, installers, and Pharmascience employees. She is a trusted advisor to the curator in making acquisition selections. In addition she is a creative genius when it comes to the installation of the artworks that are distributed throughout two large office buildings.

Deborah Goodman Davis

Curator – Pharmascience Art Collection

Get in touch

Let’s talk – it’s free!

Muriel Ide

Get in touch o discuss your projects and see for yourself if I can help you. I’m based in Montreal, but I travel and work remotely on a regular basis.

    To be or not to be (on social media)…
    that is the question

    Or the importance of keeping personal and professional social media separate. I can’t stress that enough: it’s crucial to make the distinction and apply it.

    If you look for me on social media, you’ll probably find a strictly personal Facebook or Instagram profile, a LinkedIn account describing my career path, a bare-bones X (former Twitter) account and some other profiles.

    You may wonder why I’m not more active on social media on a personal level. It’s simple. My clients’ online presence comes before my own. Besides, it’s a bit like asking your letter carrier to go for a stroll at the end of the day…